We grow over 50 million stems of flowers from our farms in Colombia, South America. We also source from qualified growers in Ecuador, Mexico Costa Rica and Colombia. Our rose farms are located near Bogota, Colombia. Mixed bouquets, chrysanthemums and seasonal bunches are mostly produced in Rionegro, Antioquia (also in Colombia).



“I’ve been traveling my whole life. My parents had a burning passion for exploring which I have inherited. It's no surprise that I was destined to meet Miller on my vacation on Hawaii. Since then we’ve been sight-seeing together up until we’ve fell in love with Bali.”


“I am inspired by nature and diversity of planet Earth. I'm a photographer and take pictures wherever I go - same goes for my beloved Bali. I am lucky to share my time with amazing Jessie, who is the best companion to explore this island with. Together, we've turned every stone in this place and are ready to share our finding with you.”


We are DSD (Direct Store Delivery) experts nationwide. Thanks to our strong partnership with FedEx, we are able to reach more than 4.000 locations on an everyday basis and over 30.000 during major holidays. We ship directly from our farm to any zip code in the United States, including Alaska & Hawaii where flowers arrive between 48h to 72h hours after harvest.